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How you do business changes every day. In order to stay current and competitive, you need to be able to adapt and grow. The relationships you have with your clients are more important now than ever before. How you manage those relationships can be the difference between a lifelong engagement or a loss of business.

With BDO’s customer relationship management (CRM) services, we work with you to transform your business and help improve your client touchpoints, while helping you receive the most out of your people and every interaction.

A CRM application can help you:

  • Manage client relationships in an effective, cost-efficient way
  • Streamline business processes
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Implement marketing and business automation rules
  • Create a business-owned, centralized data repository
  • Standardize processes and improve employee efficiencies


Your clients are expecting more from every interaction with your business. With a deeper understanding into who they are and what they care about, your business is creating relationships that can easily go unnoticed. By focusing on these relationships, you can build valuable, lasting trust with your clients.

By managing your client touchpoints with a CRM system, you can:

  • Respond or interact in a timely manner to all customer engagements
  • Gain a full 360-degree view and a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Demonstrate a personalized, in-depth knowledge of your customers’ needs
  • Tailor customer communications with a standardized, branded look and feel
  • Provide leading edge customer service
  • Detail all client interactions with activity management
  • Empower customers through self-service interactions
  • Visualize customer insights and trends with detailed analytics
  • Ensure compliance with Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL)
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Marketing Automation
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Account and Contact Management that includes a complete set of features that empower Customer Service and Sales Representatives.

Activity Management including tracking communications with Customers.

Marketing Automation that enables your company to easily execute on Campaigns, manage target Marketing lists and deliver CASL compliant bulk communications.

Sales Pipeline Management that enables end to end management of potential opportunities including pipeline phases, estimated revenue, estimated close dates, and product offering.

Customer Support Management that allows your business to track Customer Issues, Inquiries, and Complaints as it relates to your Service or Product offerings.

  • Associations
  • Community Groups
  • Charities
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Not-for-profit relationship management

Relationship Management that allows tracking of Constituent and Corporate relationships.

Interactions Management: Track all interactions including phone calls and emails, accessible in one location for all staff.

Survey/Feedback Management: gain valuable feedback for continuous organizational improvement.

Event Management: end to end management of staff, vendors, and volunteers, including scheduling, and tracking of related event activities.

Communication Management: send CASL compliant email communications that builds relationships and provides insightful information.

Members Portal: allow members and donors to manage their personal information, submit inquires, and make secure payments/donations.

  • Clinics
  • Elderly
  • Home Health
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Patient Relationship MANAGEMENT

Patient Management: a complete set of features to track patient information.

Interactions Management: Track all interactions including phone calls and emails, accessible in one location for all staff.

Survey/Feedback Management: gain valuable feedback for continuous practice improvement.

Inquiry Management: track all inquiries to ensure timely follow up, to increase patient satisfaction.

Communication Management: send anti-spam compliant email communications, keeping patients well informed on innovative and esthetic treatments.

Patient Portal: allow patients to securely manage their personal information, submit inquiries, and schedule appointments

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Service
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Franchisee Management that includes a complete set of features that allows full tracking of details surrounding each franchisee.

Interactions Management:  track all interactions with franchisees that is accessible in one location for all corporate staff.

Prospect Management:   enables end-to-end management of

potential franchisees as the franchise system expands.

Survey/Feedback Management: seek and gain valuable

feedback from franchisees.

Communication Management: manage and send corporate communications to franchisees.


We work hard to give our clients the time, attention, and dedication to help them meet their goals. With a unique combination of professional and technical resources, we offer organizations services that fit their needs today and as they grow.

Our highly motivated professionals bring their extensive knowledge and commitment to each engagement with a collaborative, hands-on approach. The focus on building relationships and understanding client needs makes BDO the distinct choice for organizations of all types and sizes.

With our skills and proven methodology, we:

  • Work with you to scale services to your needs
  • Leverage our extensive industry experience to identify any gaps or deficiencies
  • Provide services customized to each and every client
  • Collaborate with a team of experienced professionals
  • Offer timely, ongoing support to help meet your needs


Often, organizations have disconnected systems and manual processes owned by various departments working in silos, which hinders a comprehensive view of your business. A CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, removes these barriers through a collaborative approach to streamline and produce results. Empower your employees with the tools and processes that can deliver a better client experience and help build growth. Enable your team to be effective in the workforce, reach their goals, and exceed expectations.

With the right tools and processes, you can:

  • Collaborate at any time, anywhere with a cloud-based, mobile-enabled application
  • Increase productivity through technology
  • Standardize processes and procedures throughout the organization
  • Boost efficiency with seamless integration to Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Enable employees with intelligent and actionable insights


Delivered through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Customer Engagement is a new cloud service designed to help organizations grow sales, manage interactions, and increase client retention. Dynamics 365 combines all your business functions with familiar Microsoft tools (such as Outlook, Word, and Excel), creating a more unified experience across operations and increasing productivity.

With Dynamics 365 you can:

  • Engage your customers in a meaningful, timely manner
  • Manage your sales pipeline and close more work
  • Build trust and resolve client issues before they escalate
  • Improve your operations with automation and intelligent processes
  • Anticipate client needs and react proactively
  • Create insightful reports that drive better business decisions
  • Seamlessly work between Microsoft cloud applications, such as Office 365
  • Empower employees with an easy-to- use application that helps them with their day-to-day duties




Bob Clayton

With over 13 years of experience managing and supporting over a hundred projects on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, Bob has a strong technical background and extensive experience in software implementation. He takes a hands-on approach to help organizations streamline their Customer Relationship Management through the power of technology.

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