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Bank on Accurate Paycheques with BDO’s International Payroll Service

Payroll audits are on the rise, and according to The Canadian Payroll Reporter, one of the most vulnerable areas of exposure is compliance for foreign employees working in Canada.

It’s easy to see why. These are cases where a company decides to send employees to set up shop in Canada. The company selects those who know the company’s systems and operations – whether a luxury retail store, or a large engineering firm. But the one person missing from the team is often the one who knows the ins and outs of Canadian tax law.

The result of such inexperience can be devastating. At best, both you and your employees pay far more tax than necessary. At worst, you end up with an auditor on your doorstep, a large tax bill , and disgruntled employees who are now being unexpectedly asked to fork over some of their hard-earned cash.

What’s needed is global payroll service, and companies and HR departments save a lot of aggravation if they set it up accurately from the outset with people who have skills in international compliance requirements, from registration components to calculation elements.

Personalized Service with a Global Perspective

The payroll implications are myriad for employees and employers alike – both in their country of origin, and in Canada. And it doesn’t even matter how long your employees are in the country. Taxes are payable regardless of whether the employee is working here for months, weeks, or days.

Large companies with global offices can afford to have account managers located wherever they choose – from Singapore to Saanich – to take care of all these details. But unless there’s a strong value proposition, that’s not likely to happen for smaller companies operating outside their home base for short bursts of time, even if that’s on a regular basis.

For example, a US company might operate a tent company that assists with corporate events. Employees are in the country for five or 10 days, and are expected to pay taxes in accordance with the law.

With BDO, you receive a personalized account manager who is an expert in your industry, and knows what Canada Revenue Agency requires.

Working with our online Microsoft powered system, your account manager acts as a full service to provide you with exceptional professional expertise as it relates to your global payroll needs including:

  • Waiver applications to minimize tax installments
  • Expertise on the use of shadow payrolls

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity, No Matter Where in the World

A foray into a new country can mark the beginning of something great. Don’t let fears about taxes prevent you from excelling.

Whether you have five employees coming to Canada to launch a new store and get things going until your local team is ready, or 50 employees working on an engineering project that will take some months, BDO can ensure your tax calculations are accurate right from day one.

Don’t let distance and unfamiliarity breed problems. Talk to one of our International Processing experts for the support you need.


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Senior Manager

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