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Bank on BDO’s Managed Payroll Services

Managing payroll takes valuable time. From scheduling hours to meet your payroll cycle, to staying on top of regulations, it all adds up to time spent away from your core business.

And while it may seem to be a straight-forward process, errors take place more frequently than many companies realize.

According to a 2015 report from the Canadian Payroll Association, 26% of paper-filed Record of Employment forms alone contain at least one error. Payroll administration mistakes cost your company time, and can have real life consequences for employees – like delaying EI benefits to a valued employee who just started parental leave.

At BDO, we have been providing value-added payroll services to Canadian businesses for more than 90 years. A managed payroll service that includes online capabilities gives you the confidence that your payroll commitments are not only being made, but are consistently compliant.

Payroll that Services the Full Employee Cycle

BDO’s payroll process and reporting provides you with a fully-managed solution.

Like all BDO Services, we look past numbers to understand the people they represent. That means understanding the cycle of the employee – from first hire, to impacts of annual, maternity, or sick leaves, necessary income tax and vacation pay calculations, right through to end of employment.

With a secure online space, you can share your documents with BDO any time of day or night through the online portal. There is also an option to preview and approve payroll processing prior to payment, plus a team discussion board.

BDO’s payroll services include:

For the Employer
For the Employee
Full cycle gross-to-net processing Direct deposit to employees
Source deductions filing and remittances Electronic distribution of pay stubs to employees
ROE prep and filing
Year-end, plus T4/T4A prep and filing

Ensure Your Canadian Payroll Services are CRA Compliant

Managed Payroll Services provides the assurance you want so that your Canadian Payroll Service and reporting is CRA compliant. This is of particular value to both new businesses, and those businesses that are operating in Canada for the first time.

  • Secure storage of completed federal and provincial TD1 forms, with SIN
  • Track taxable benefits
  • Remit employer’s share of CPP and EI premiums

Make Your Transition Smooth and Simple with BDO

We’ve helped many hundreds of individuals with transitioning their company payrolls to BDO. One of our expert payroll managers will work closely with you and your team members to:

  • establish effective and realistic timelines and processes for an efficient, effective transition
  • complete a basic on-boarding package
  • test and validate the solution, and made adjustments before final deployment

Plus, as part of the on-boarding process, our payroll managers will provide you with advice or guidance based on any information provided along the way.

Distribute Your Pay-Cheques with Confidence

Contact one of our Managed Payroll Services experts for a solution to your payroll needs.


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