Bookkeeping Services for Franchisees

Good Bookkeepers Are Hard to Find

Controlling and maintaining the quality of franchisee bookkeeping and reporting is a struggle for many franchise owners.

Bookkeepers may be plenty, but finding a true gem adept at franchisee-related accounting services isn’t easy. The reason is quite logical. As with any skill set, bookkeepers tend to apply their skills to one particular market sector and while bookkeeping principles may be the same, the franchisee business has its quirks.

Give Your Numbers to the Franchisee Experts at BDO

BDO’s bookkeeping services for franchisees ensure you have skilled and experienced bookkeepers who are experts at recording – and delivering – the right information to you month after month.
We have experience working with major franchises of all shapes and sizes, from restaurant and retail, to service franchises and more.

At BDO, bookkeeping is just one of a cache of services we have designed to meet the specific needs of franchisees. We can help you streamline your business operation with:

Plus, we offer opportunities for you to get the big picture of your operation with our Franchisee Dashboards – ideal for owners with more than one location. And for those at either the acquisition stage, expansion stage, or transitioning, you can tap into our franchise coaching and advisory services.

Bookkeeping That Makes You Count

Customized to suit your particular industry, our bookkeeping services can take care of a variety of routine tasks. For example, use our online cloud-based service to handle daily sales/cash tasks, and leave remaining tasks to our professional team of bookkeepers.

Consider this restaurant example:

• Daily on-site POS sales report entered by either controller or restaurant manager

• BDO enters payable/vendor invoices
• BDO performs periodic cheque run/EFT payments and delivers to franchisee for signature

• BDO prepares bank reconciliations and month-end financial statements
• Financial reports available in portal

Know How All Your Franchise Units Stack Up

Franchisees who own more than one franchise unit need to know how each store measures against the rest. With all your locations transacted the same way by our team of experts, you can trust the numbers when you see one geographical location out performing other locations with similar demographics.

BDO can work with you to develop a series of value propositions so you can best measure your wins and losses. This helps you pivot your business plan accordingly. Best of all, it’s all powered with Microsoft products trusted by businesses worldwide.

Contact one of our BDO experts about bookkeeping services for franchisees and take your business to the next level.


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