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Maximize Your Business Acumen with BDO’s Financial Dashboard

Owners of SME run so fast, it’s like running on fumes. There’s no time to slow down without fear of not making that next target. It’s great, but there’s a price to pay. While you’re focused on today, the big picture can get a little fuzzy. After all, who has time to run all those reports, make all those projections, and assess which client is really paying to keep the office lights burning?

BDO’s Online Accounting Dashboard seamlessly pulls all of that data from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV program to create a snapshot of what your business looks like in real time.

Dashboard features include:


This is your critical information where you will receive alerts about changes that will affect your business, i.e. Tax Return is Due.

Financial Performance

Select from a number of options to quickly examine a chart view of your:

Bank balances Aged Accounts Receivable
Cash Cycle Aged Accounts Payable
Cash Flow Top 10 Customers by Sales Value
Income & Expenses Top 10 Vendors by Purchase Value
Report Catalogue

In the Reports Catalogue, quickly obtain detailed reports on customers, vendors, and get financial reports including a trial balance, balance sheet and income statement.

Document Library

This is where those with approved access can find a variety of documents. It could vary from CRA consent forms to permanent agreements.

Customize Access Based on Need-to-Know

Not everyone in your operation needs to know, or should know, your revenue projections. But it makes sense for some employees to input data as it occurs in real time. This enhances accuracy, and ultimately saves time.
The customizable Role Centre allows you to create different kinds of access that matches the employment type. So an employee working at an outlet (retail or restaurant for example) would be able to enter data on a daily sales entry screen, but only the owner of the chain would be able to access the full picture.

Demo: BDO OnLine Client Portal

With BDO’s Cloud Solution, your data is available through your own client-based portal designed for use with the browser platform of your

Watch Demo

Start Every Day with Ease

Don’t rush around manually building reports, or worse yet, putting the job off until that elusive “some day.” Let BDO’s Financial Dashboards give you the information you need today, along with useful tools like quick links, discussion boards, and top financial contacts.
Talk with our Financial Dashboard specialists about how to get an online accounting dashboard working for you.


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