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Direct Your Future with BDO Franchise Dashboards

Franchise owners like to see the big picture, but accessing that information isn’t easy. It requires collating data from piles of independent reports, and even then, there’s a sense something could be missing.

The result is a partial picture, which makes it difficult to assess what the next best step could be for you and your franchise operation’s overall trajectory.

BDO’s Microsoft-powered Franchise Dashboard delivers the insights you crave, all smoothly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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With outsourced bookkeeping services you get a professional 360 view of your business operation with unparalleled visibility into your financial

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You can compress all your data into a single customizable dashboard that delivers insightful information in seconds, eliminating what otherwise would be a task requiring dozens if not hundreds of hours.

View Franchise Reports in a Snap

This data source comes to you packaged according to your specifications. BDO builds the dashboard to meet your precise needs with key performance indicators and metrics that work for you. Using the dashboard’s store sales overview, you have up-to-the moment details that could include:

  • Number of new stores during the year
  • Sales by chain and/or store
  • Total number of stores
  • Map displaying the geographical concentration of your stores
  • Average sales by area
  • Sales variance
  • Sales per square foot

The dashboard can also help you compare which locations are maximizing sales by square foot, or with the least number of discounts. Plus, your entire database is searchable, allowing you to ask questions like: total number of sales in a province – all with a single click.

Identify Location Hiccups and Avoid Surprises

Nothing’s worse than being the last one to know when business isn’t what it should be at one of your locations. Even worse, finding out a store has closed.

A dashboard alerts you to trouble well in advance. The result is, you can take action and assist your franchisees on how to move forward, armed with a franchise report based on data from successful operations elsewhere in the field.

Franchise Dashboards Give You the Edge on Strategy

With a dashboard, you get clarity. Make the right moves for your business using precise franchise reports that reflect today’s events so you can manage tomorrow better.

Talk with one of BDO’s franchise experts. We’ll be happy to let you see what the big picture looks like for your business.


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