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Tired of Finding Holes in Your Bookkeeping?

It’s what many owners struggle with – a sinking sense you can’t trust the numbers, and now every business decision you are about to make feels tainted.

Bookkeeping is the bedrock of any successful business. Without accuracy, financial confidence suffers. Yet unlike so many other aspects of your business, bookkeepers don’t require certification, so you’re left relying on the integrity of those you choose to do the job – whether a family member, a part-time employee, someone on contract, or the person who handles reception.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Bookkeeping Service

Discover how your business can benefit by having a professional bookkeeping service by your side.


The result is many vigilant owners spend precious hours either doing the work themselves, or reviewing the work that’s already been done. That could mean another wasted Sunday, or time you could otherwise spend clinching a new deal.

Centralize Your Financial Operation

The day-to-day may be one thing, but the state of your books at year-end counts too. Even today, many Canadian businesses fall back on the shoebox approach, leaving accountants tearing out their hair come tax season and leaving you with a large bill to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, owner of companies with more than one location – such as the case of franchisors (LINK) or franchisees (LINK) – also want to ensure everyone is literally on the same page.

You want professional quality results, with a consistent approach, that provides a bird’s eye view of your business.

Take Back Your Sundays with Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

BDO understands the complex demands placed on today’s businesses. We’ve spent decades helping small and medium market businesses of all kinds achieve success through our offices located in more than 100 communities across Canada.

BDO Franchisor Client Portal

With outsourced bookkeeping services you get a professional 360 view of your business operation with unparalleled visibility into your financial

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With outsourced bookkeeping services you get a professional 360 view of your business operation with unparalleled visibility into your financial performance through our client portal, all powered by Microsoft. We can set your bookkeeping services to meet your precise needs, and deliver results in such a way that you no longer have to worry about sick time, retirement plans, maternity leaves, or vacations. We’re here for you with fully trained professional services you can trust.

Individual, Personalized Service

BDO has become a mainstay in Canadian business because of its dedication to people. Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Services provide you with a dedicated bookkeeper whose job it is to understand your particular needs. Our services provide you with:

  • Cloud Accounting
  • Dashboard Reporting

Plus, augment your business growth with practical and insightful support from our talented pool of experts specializing in:

  • Benchmarking
  • business coaching
  • and tax preparation

Never Lose a Day, Never Sweat Security

People take days off. Today’s business runs 24/7/365.

Your Outsourced Bookkeeping Service takes care of you, even when your personal provider is on vacation. You’ll maintain the services you need, and the quality you’ve come to expect, with your information securely stored right here in Canada.

Give yourself some breathing room, and a good night’s sleep.


Matthew Sturges
Senior Manager

Matt is a CA who brings a mature balance of practical business knowledge and effective methodologies to the diverse range of size and type of clientele that he serves. Clients have described Matt’s approach to his work with them as hands on, personal and highly engaged.

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